We Will Locate Land For Your Mobile Home

Finding the best property to place your new manufactured or mobile home can be challenging. Owning your own land comes with a unique set of obstacles including zoning laws, permits, and other compliances that can be overwhelming for the average mobile homeowner. 

As one of our approved customers, we offer you land location services at no additional charge. Our strategic alliances with land developers, manufactured housing subdivisions, and private property owners allow us to easily help you navigate the myriad of options available to you. In addition, our sister company, Ascendant Realty, offers you access to additional realty services. With our internal mobile home land location services, the assistance of our licensed real estate agency, and access to the MLS throughout the state of Texas, Mobile Homes Corpus Christi can provide you with many options for the ideal placement of your new mobile home. 

Your new manufactured home can also be financed together with your land so you can pay it off with one simple loan. What could be easier? With our wide range of finance programs, the possibilities are endless. Land location in Corpus Christi just got easier!

We also offer other services for manufactured homes