Mobile Homes Corpus Christi’s history of success is largely based on our ability to help credit-challenged buyers obtain financing. We are proud of being able to offer innovative solutions for individuals with bad or no credit. We look at bad or no credit differently than most companies. We understand that for every person who wants financing there are lenders who want to lend money. We don’t try to match you up with a lender that doesn’t want your business, instead, our finance consultants look to other lenders who specialize in establishing loans for credit-challenged individuals.

Many potential buyers have had some type of credit problems. Bad credit issues can include divorce discrepancies, collections, slow-pays, charge-offs, repossessions or even a home foreclosure.  We have lenders who provide financing to people with no credit, low credit scores, and even bad credit. With our variety of lenders, we have multiple financing programs available to you. Believe it is possible to purchase a new manufactured home!

Many of our lenders specialize in financing customers with less-than-perfect credit, including customers who do not have a social security number such as undocumented workers. Individuals who are self-employed  and cannot prove all their income face similar challenges.

By working with the right type of lenders – lenders who want your business, and by combining these financing strategies with manufactured homes that offer a factory- or lender-based financing incentives, we have dominated our industry for individuals who previously could not fulfill their dream of owning a home. In addition, we offer FICO Score Improvement Program that can decrease your down payment and even lower your interest rate. We put the power in your hands!

The pre-approval process is simple. Complete a free Customer Profile Assessment and our consultants will inform you as to which homes and loan programs you will most likely qualify.

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