TruMH Mobile Homes

TruMH Mobile Homes

TRU manufactured homes are some of the most popular, most affordable, and most everlasting mobile homes on the market. TruMH mobile homes offer the everyday American a chance to own their own home and set their own rules. 

Mobile Homes Corpus Christi is proud to offer several TruMH homes for sale. With names like “The Excitement”, “The Exhilaration”, and “The Wonder”, you can’t go wrong! It is important to live in a home that you truly love, and TruMH brings all of your favorite things about owning a home under one roof. 

TruMH mobile homes utilize the most affordable high-quality manufacturing materials to bring luxury comfort and unique customization opportunities to every American, regardless of wallet size. Not to mention, TruMH homes are some of the most affordable living situations in America! Enhance Corpus Christi living by letting one of our Mobile Homes Corpus Christi professionals give you a virtual tour of one of our fabulous TruMH mobile home options.


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