What You Need To Know About Financing a Mobile Home or Manufactured House

Finance companies or lenders use a combination of pertinent information to determine your creditworthiness, how much they are willing to lend, and what interest rate they will charge, including a required down payment. Your credit scores, income level, job and residential stability factor in to determining loan eligibility. All of these factors are weighted differently, and no one thing can guarantee you a loan approval.

Trying to guess what a lender will do is futile. There are so many lenders and financing programs for every type of borrower. Some lenders specialize only in borrowers with good credit. Other lenders specialize in making loans to individuals with poor credit. Thsi is why Mobile Homes Corpus Christi works with many types of lenders who can provide financing for any type of borrower. Think about financing like you are looking for the right bank or lender for you, instead of trying to “get approved” by a bank that isn’t interested in your business. This is what our consultants do every day. We match up your credit and other factors with lenders who want your business. Doesn’t that sound a lot easier? It is!

The loan pre-approval process is simple, too. By completing a free Customer Profile Assessment that includes applicant, residency and income information, our consultants can establish which homes and loan programs you will most likely qualify.

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