Looking to Buy a Manufactured Home for Your Land in Corpus Christi or the Surrounding Areas?

Mobile Homes Corpus Christi is your one-stop shop for the very best deals and service.

Here at Mobile Homes Corpus Christi, we’ve been helping families select, design, and finance the manufactured homes of their choosing for nearly X years. We take the guesswork and headache out of buying a new home by providing exceptional mobile home consulting services to help you determine the best home for you while ensuring you can get the best price on the market and stay within your budget.

Because we are committed to offering exceptional quality, comfort, and superior craftsmanship in every modular homes we carry, we only stock the very best manufacturers. Not all mobile homes are equal. And, because we are the largest dealer of mobile homes in South Texas, we have buying power that allows us to cater to the diversified needs of our customers while offering a fantastic value for the money. In addition to the finest collection of mobile homes in Corpus Christi, the best prices, we also can help you with mobile home financing Texas. From selecting the home of your dreams to financing, we make buying a manufactured home easy! Just imagine, you could be in your new home in less than a week!

Manufactured Homes Come in Many Sizes and Styles

Your family is unique. Some families want to spend time together and want an open concept design. Others, need more space to spread out. We understand that no two families are the same and our goal is to cater to your unique needs and offer to you the very best home for your budget. Our consultants have worked with  millions of families to identify and determine the very best type of home for them. Our consultants focus on you, and serving your needs – this is not about selling you something. We want you to have exactly what you want. This is why we present a comprehensive portfolio of exceptional mobile homes that accommodate many different preferences. Whether you are looking for a single-bedroom modular house for yourself (family of 1) or a more spacious doublewide, we offer a wide variety of designs and sizes that will suit your needs. When you purchase a new or pre-owned Corpus Christi mobile home, if you don’t already have your land, we can help you locate a site that is perfect for you. Convenience, lifestyle, proximity to work, school district…we’ll ask all the questions that can help you determine what site location is ideal for you.

Often, happy customers tell us they originally thought mobile homes in Corpus Christi would be too expensive for them to purchase. We started in this business by helping low-income home buyers fulfill their dreams of buying a new or pre-owned modular home in the United States. It doesn’t cost anything to come over and see if there’s an option. We offer you a low-hassle, easy shopping experience. What do you have to lose? Come over, take a look around, and see if there’s anything you like. Once you do that, you’ll have more than you do now – you’ll know what is available, what things cost, how a mobile home is set up, how financing works. Then, you can decide what’s best for you. If budget is your biggest constraint, we offer a wide selection of stylish and spacious manufactured homes with a smaller price tag. As the largest mobile home seller in South Texas, we have been fulfilling the dreams of millions of home buyers for years by helping them find the right Corpus Christi Mobile home at the right price with the most competitive payment options.

New or Pre-Owned? Find an Affordable Mobile Home With Our Help!

Are you looking to buy new mobile homes Corpus Christi or would you be more interested in our excellent choices for pre-owned homes? No matter which you choose, you can trust Mobile Homes Corpus Christi to provide the consultants, the wide selection, and competitive financing. We offer to you the best selection of new and pre-owned properties at competitive prices with the most prominent names in modular home manufacturing. And, most of our Corpus Christi mobile homes can come fully-furnished so you don’t need to worry about spending extra money on furniture. Most importantly, you must determine whether you can afford to buy a new mobile home or would be happy with a pre-owned one that also guarantees excellent quality.

Our Services

In addition to helping you buy the best mobile homes in Corpus Christi, we offer the following wide range of additional services, including:

•  Financial programs,
•  Free profile assessment,
•  Free site inspection,
•  Land location services at no extra cost, and
•  Assisting in obtaining utility connections and state permits.