We Help How To Prepare Land Your Mobile Home Site

From the moment you deliver your first down payment on your mobile homes, you are investing in your long-term comfort. Happiness with your living situation is key, which is why site preparation in Corpus Christi is so important. 

The proper set-up for your manufactured home is integral to enjoying your home for many years to come. The State of Texas requires strict adherence to property preparation. To maintain the integrity of the initial set-up of your new home and to lessen the impact of future settlement issues, each home site must be adequately prepared. Special consideration must be made for proper drainage and plumbing because water should not run or pool underneath your new home. At no additional charge to Mobile Homes Corpus Christi customers, a licensed installer will inspect your home site and advise you as to the necessary site preparation required. In addition, you can also contract with the necessary site preparation services through our affiliate company, Mobile Home Contractors, which offers site preparation services such as base pads and site clearing. Financing is also available for these services. Mobile Homes Corpus Christi strives to make your manufactured home selection, design, set-up, and financing as easy as possible!

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