As per a recent study report, over 22 million individuals in the United States live in mobile homes. Mobile housing accounts for around 10 percent of new single-family home living. It is estimated that the average price per square foot for a mobile home is around $49* In comparison to $107* For an on-site home, affordability is indeed a major benefit. If you wish to weigh the pros and cons of mobile homes, it definitely extends the concept of affordability. 

While a wide range of modern housing is constructed partially or wholly on-site, mobile housing refers to the type of home that is built in a dedicated factory setting while being transported to the desired site. These homes can feature a single unit or a series of modules that are transported jointly or separately together on a site that is a permanent foundation. 

Pros of Buying Mobile Homes

As far as the pros and cons of mobile homes are concerned, the benefits always outweigh the manufacturing process. Mobile homes are indeed gaining immense popularity while being regarded as a highly favorable alternative to conventional homes. Here are some benefits of buying a mobile home:


Amongst multiple benefits of investing in a mobile home is the overall affordability. The average cost of buying a manufactured home is significantly lower than a conventional site-built home. It is estimated that the average cost per square foot for a mobile home is $49* per square foot in comparison to $107* per square foot for a conventional home constructed on site. 

Depending on the size and location of the mobile home, the costs might vary. However, it tends to be significantly lower than the cost of owning a large multi-family complex.

Easy and Low Maintenance Cost

The routine maintenance and repair costs for a mobile home are usually cost-effective. Due to its smaller size, electrical wiring and plumbing systems are less complicated. 

Better Amenities

In most instances, moving to a manufactured home community is a decision that individuals make due to the wide range of amenities offered. When you choose between a house, an apartment, or a community, you can weigh parameters like facilities, value of the ground, services, and event gatherings against a highly solo way of life. Some of the top-end amenities that potential homeowners look for in a mobile home are a laundry room, attractive landscaping, off-street parking, community recreational activities, on-site maintenance, pet allowance, and so more. 

Energy Efficiency and Environment-friendly

Mobile homes are eco-friendly and environment-conscious. The HUD code makes sure that mobile homes are capable of achieving a higher level of energy efficiency with the help of upgraded insulation -both underneath homes and across walls. Modern mobile homes also feature advanced eco-friendly options like energy-efficient windows, insulated skirting, on-demand water heaters, and other features. Nowadays, entire mobile homes are Energy Star certified as well.

Mobility and Location

As the name implies, mobile homes have the option of moving around. These are, therefore, a perfect option for an individual or family purchasing the manufactured home with the belief that they will have to move around soon. A mobile home is simple to pick up while driving from one location to another. Therefore, these homes are a great option for individuals who wish to experience a change of scenery or who are prone to changing industries or jobs.

Ease of Installation and Quick Construction

Construction sites usually have to face problems like delivery delays, theft, and damage. With mobile housing, these problems become minimal. Therefore, it results in both time and cost-saving. Construction waste also gets minimized. 

In case of a mobile home, the final installation and utility hookup task takes place faster. Before long, you will be organizing your new mobile home. Whether you wish to buy a mobile home in a dedicated housing community or buy a home on your property, you will be surprised at the fast pace of installation.

Cons of Living or Buying a Mobile Home

Value Depreciation

The result of investing in a mobile home will lead to less appreciation over the entire lifespan of your investment. While a conventional single-family home might grow in value over a span of multiple years, mobile homes tend to be different. There is minimal long-term security as far as investing in a mobile home is concerned. Ultimately, the value of your mobile home in the long run will depend on how you maintain it.

Difficult to Resell

As new options to invest in a mobile home are available, it is difficult to resell a mobile home for most homeowners. 

Difficult Financing Program

While mobile homes are cost-effective while offering alternatives to conventional housing, they are still difficult to finance. In most cases, they offer the buyer short-term loans and high-interest rates. Typically, mobile homes are regarded as personal properties instead of real estate. Therefore, investments in them can impact buyer plans and the existing financing options.

Design Issues

As mobile homes are constructed with the help of the assembly line process, manufactured homes are easy to design or customize as an on-site home. Your custom home designer will be able to design your home around your preferences and lifestyle expectations. 

Park Policy

Different mobile home parks will have different park policies that homeowners should adhere to. Looking into the same and complying with these rules can be difficult especially if you are a first-time homeowner. You are not required to worry if you have your own land. 


Mobile homes might have a few cons. Still, they are a great choice if you maintain the house properly and use the same effectively. With a reliable mobile home consultant like Manufactured Housing Consultants, you have access to multiple options.