How Much Does it Cost to Buy & Move a Mobile Home in Corpus Christi?

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Now that you own your very own mobile home, it’s yours to do with as you please! For many mobile homeowners, that means moving the home to a more suitable location for work or school. After you’ve spent money purchasing your mobile home, you likely aren’t looking forward to spending money on a move. But [...]

How to Finance Corpus Christi Texas Manufactured Homes

By |2023-06-23T13:31:31+00:00June 6th, 2016|Mobile, Mobile Home Finance, Mobile Homes|

Learn About Financing a Corpus Christi Manufactured Home Buying a manufactured home is one of the cheapest ways to become a homeowner. Manufactured homes tend to be the most affordable option for low-income families or for those with poor credit. Interested parties can finance a manufactured home by contacting a local mobile home dealer [...]

How Do Manufactured Homes in Texas Compare to Site-Built Houses?

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Today's real estate market is starkly different than before because of all the structure choices. From high-rise apartments to traditional single-family homes, real estate is unique to each buyer's personality. Consumers have a choice between manufactured and site-built homes in today's market when it comes to single-family structures. Manufactured homes in Texas have dramatic differences [...]


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