There is an increasing number of families and individuals looking to move away from constructed houses and into Manufactured Homes. This affordable and mobile housing option can be a great idea for your bank account; plus, you have more flexibility to choose where you want to live. But how do you decide what property you want to settle on?

Furthermore, how can you convert your manufactured home into a real plot of land? Here’s what you need to know about the manufactured housing process and how easy it is to get the house of your dreams on your own land today.

What is a Manufactured Home?

A manufactured home is often also referred to as a “mobile” home. These are the types of houses that are built in a factory and can be transported to any location once they are purchased. Manufactured homes are always built up to the standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, making them just as viable as homes that are built on-site.

What Does “Manufactured Home” Mean?

Manufactured refers to the process of creating these affordable homes. The houses are manufactured under all of the federal codes and building requirements set forth by the state and central governments.

How Much Does a Manufactured Home Cost?

One reason why manufactured homes have become so popular over the years is that they are so affordable. The average cost for a new manufactured home can depend on the size and location of the home, but you can expect to pay anything from $30,000* to $100,000* for a new manufactured home.

Keep in mind that you will also have to convert your manufactured home to your property in order to pay a mortgage. You can convert a manufactured home to real property and have the title in your name, increasing its value over time.

How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last?

With the right installation standards, along with good maintenance and care, your manufactured home can last as long as a regularly constructed home. Manufactured houses can become a permanent part of your home and assets.

Note: The biggest difference between owning your property and not owning it is whether or not you actually own your manufactured home. If you are the buyer and you own both the land and the property, you can get mortgage financing. Otherwise, it is known as personal property and you may not qualify for the same benefits as ownership.

Are Manufactured Homes Safe?

Many manufactured homes are built with the best safety standards. Depending on where you live, your manufactured home can protect you against storms and other natural disasters just as easily as a regular house can. But just to be sure, you can check with your Manufactured Housing Consultants to find one that is equipped with the best safety features for you and your family.

What is the Difference Between Modular and Manufactured Homes?

You may hear a lot of words interchangeably: modular, manufactured, and mobile homes. But what exactly is the difference?

  • Manufactured homes are completely built in a factory and transported to property that you may or may not own.
  • Modular homes are partially built in a factory, with the rest being built on the permanent land that you do own.

A modular home is something that you can always consider to be your real property. A manufactured home might need to be converted, and you may need to claim ownership of the property before you can benefit.

How to Find the Perfect Property for Your Manufactured Home

If you want to own your own home and your own property, you need to find the perfect plot of land first. You should first check with your city’s local zoning regulations to make sure you can own the piece of property you have your eyes on. Once you do, you should search for a manufactured or modular home that you can convert to permanent ownership.

How to Buy a Manufactured Home for Permanent Living

One of the many benefits of manufactured homes is that you can buy one for a temporary or a permanent foundation. If you are looking to convert your home into your own official property, make sure you build a permanent foundation first. And again, you should check with your city or county to make sure you are allowed to own and build on your land!

Are Manufactured Homes a Good Investment? See for Yourself!

Manufactured homes are flexible, affordable, and long-lasting. They can be the perfect investment for your new property. Builders of manufactured homes know that you are looking for the perfect place to call home. That is why you have so many options when it comes to temporary or permanent living situations.

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Learn Where to Buy Manufactured Homes for Your Property Today

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