Buying a mobile home is a lot easier than buying a fully constructed house. But the process of purchasing mobile homes can still be daunting when you don’t know where to start looking. It is important to have a working knowledge of mobile homes, how much they cost, where to buy mobile homes, and how to get the biggest value on them in the long run.

Consider these 4 important factors before you put your first deposit down on a mobile home. Get in touch with our mobile homes consultants to learn more!

1. Cost of Mobile Home

Probably the biggest questions that new homeowners have about buying a mobile home have to do with the cost. The most common questions are answered below so you can consider your budget before buying a home:

How Much Does a Mobile Home Cost?

The average cost of a mobile home depends on the size of the mobile home, whether it is new or used, and where it is going to be located. It is important to keep in mind that the price per square foot of mobile home is significantly less than a bigger home.

How to Finance a Mobile Home

You can learn how to get a loan for a mobile home by speaking with your banker or a trusted real estate lender. You can also receive funding plans through certified specialists available on our mobile homes team. There are plenty of financing options available to make it easier for you to move into your new mobile home today.

2. Value

Looking to sell your mobile home in the long run? You can earn an incredible return on your investment as long as you keep up with good maintenance and cleaning.

How much is my mobile home worth?

Your mobile home can be worth twice the amount that you bought it for, granted it is kept in good condition while you are living in it. While used mobile homes may be harder to sell, you can find a lucky buyer in the right market.

Do mobile homes have a good return on investment?

Most mobile homes will provide an excellent return on your investment when you put the work in them to keep them updated and pristine. Your value can also change depending on the location your mobile home is settled in.

3. Safety

Safety concerns are some of the top reasons why customers may hesitate to purchase mobile homes. However, rest assured that mobile homes are some of the safest living situations that you can invest in.

Are mobile homes safe?

Mobile homes are incredibly safe! The construction process is HUD-approved to withstand storms and other bad weather conditions, offering just as much solidity as a constructed house.

You can also invest in different security measures to bring better safety to your home and neighborhood. With updated standards and construction practices, you can rely on manufactured homes being as safe and secure as any other type of house.

4. Longevity

Most people who are looking to purchase a home want to invest in something that will serve them for years to come. This brings up questions of longevity in comparison to brick-and-mortar homes.

How long do mobile homes last?

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the average life expectancy of 30 – 55 years. Buying a mobile home is easy when you know how long they can last.

But keep in mind that maintenance and care are big contributors to a home’s longevity. If you keep your home in good shape, it can last longer. Manufactured homes are built to last a long time and are built with construction requirements that are just as strict as regular homes.

Find the Perfect Mobile Home Today

Whether you are trying to find a mobile home that fits within your budget, or you are looking for answers to your questions about value and longevity, you have come to the right place. Find your new dream home at an affordable price today and learn how you can finance mobile homes in an easy way.