Are you looking for good-quality Manufactured homes? Is finding manufactured homes causing a hassle in your life? If your answer to the questions above is “Yes,” we’ve got the solution just for you.

At Mobile Homes Corpus Christi we are partnered with one of the largest manufactured home brands Fleetwood Homes, to provide you with the best quality manufactured homes and various home building services if you’re looking for a great option.

What is Fleetwood homes

Fleetwood Homes, established in 1950, has been surprisingly satisfying over 1.5 million customers with the most convenient floor plans and design options along with the top class materials for homes. With over 70 years of experience helping its customers, Fleetwood has become one of its largest homebuilders. They also provide other services such as floor plans and designs for your home.

Who owns Fleetwood Manufactured Homes?

The people who are limited with the budget but looking for a good mobile home can go with Fleetwood Manufactured Home. Or the people who are living in rented apartments can go with the Fleetwood Manufactured Homes. Also, first time home buyers can make their selection and go with the Fleetwood Manufactured Homes because of its build quality, high quality material and most optimized floor plans.

How much are Fleetwood homes?

They provide services for building the finest quality homes within an affordable budget range. It makes Fleetwood Homes a great option for purchasing Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes (Park RVs) for everyone and from all spheres of life. Fleetwood Homes holds a large inventory but it typically ranges anywhere from $19,000.00 to $50,000.00. So more and more people are going to buy Fleetwood Manufactured Homes so they can save a huge amount on investment.

Also, here at Corpus Christi Mobile Homes, we offer you the best deals on Fleetwood Manufactured Homes.

Are Fleetwood homes manufactured or modular?

Fleetwood Homes offer various options for building your desired home. It provides a wide variety and value for your homes. Modular homes are built as part of climate-controlled building facilities, and it is built in a way that conforms to the country’s overall climate. Even though Fleetwood Homes mainly focuses on Manufactured Homes and RV Parks (Mobile Homes), they provide a range of homes of different types. Therefore, you can choose the best possible option for yourself, be it Fleetwood manufactured homes, Fleetwood Mobile homes, or modular homes.

Are Fleetwood homes mobile homes?

Yes, Fleetwood homes also offer Fleetwood mobile homes. It has several catalogs from which the buyers can choose a suitable home design under their desired budget. Fleetwood homes provide a spacious place to accommodate prominent families on vacations or generally stay. The mobile home could have a small kitchen, laundry, etc., according to requirement and budget if the buyers want. One can inquire about the various combinations available and choose the best suitable option from that.

Best place to buy Fleetwood mobile homes?

So, now that you know about Fleetwood Homes and their services, which certainly include the construction of mobile and manufactured homes, you might be wondering where you can get the best deals for these homes.

Undoubtedly, it’s here at Mobile Homes Corpus Christi. Since we have a partnership with Fleetwood Homes, we bring you the best homes, products, and services they provide at a very budget-friendly price. We also make it easy for you by saving you the hassle of getting confused while personally visiting and selecting the required services.

We are known for the best quality service and an excellent customer satisfaction rate. We value our customers’ time and care about their needs and choices. Therefore, you can trust us and let us do the work for you. We assure you of an excellent service that is comparatively easy to assess while saving your time and effort.