So, are you planning to buy a manufactured home or mobile home? Want to know more about the installation and delivery of manufactured homes? As the need for excellent yet affordable housing grows all across America, we at Manufactured Homes Corpus Christi try to bring our customers the best and most affordable manufactured homes.

So, before answering the questions above, let’s know a bit about manufactured homes.

What is a Manufactured home?

A manufactured home can be described as a type of prefab housing mostly assembled in factories and then transported to a location where it is to be installed. So, are they the same as mobile homes? Well YES. It depends on the year when it was manufactured. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), such prefab homes manufactured before June 1976 shall be referred to as Mobile homes. The one built after that is called a manufactured home.

How much is a manufactured home?

Before 1976, mobile homes were in great demand due to their affordable price and easy transportation. However, according to the US Census Bureau, the average sale price of a new site-built or traditional home typically is around $511,000. With such a high price, it becomes difficult for most people to afford to buy such homes.

While on the other hand, according to the reports of the US Census Bureau, in December 2021, the manufactured homes for sale were available for around $123,000. That’s relatively cheap as compared to Traditional Homes, right? We know it.

How to find & buy a Manufactured Home?

Maybe because manufactured homes are so cheap and affordable, there are many manufactured homes for sale. But unfortunately, it also becomes challenging to find a good quality manufactured home at a reasonable price. We know that every person has their taste regarding various things, including homes. So, we at Manufactured Homes Corpus Christi think of it as our job to help you find your dream home at a price that would be light on your budget.

So, if you’re thinking about the right place to find and buy Manufactured Homes, its right here at Manufactured Homes Corpus Christi. We provide a wide range of Manufactured Homes with great financing options. So, even if you’re struggling with your credit score, we are still there for you.

We value our customers’ time, efforts, and money and believe in saving all of it for our customers by taking the hassle of selecting good deals at manufactured homes all by ourselves.

Delivery of Manufactured Homes

As the manufactured homes are pre-built at factories and reach you in an almost ready-to-use version, it also becomes equally important to know about the delivery of such homes. It also, obviously, includes knowing about pre-delivery and delivery considerations such as route, etc.

Pre-Delivery preparations would include getting your land ready for welcoming the new home. You might also require specific permits by municipalities, depending on your location.

Direct delivery from Factory to Site

As the manufactured home reaches you directly from the factory, it is vital to ensure that it arrives safely and in good condition, without damage.

At Manufactured Homes Corpus Christi, we assure safe and confident delivery to our customers. Unlike a few other transportation companies, our transport charges are also minimal. We also understand that transportation routes are essential to ensure safe delivery and how vital this home could be for our customers. Hence, we choose a safe route for the transportation of mobile homes.

Manufactured Home Installation

We at Manufactured Homes Corpus Christi also ensure you get a sound installation of your manufactured home or mobile homes. Our experts would certainly look over the whole process from delivery to installation. If you need any changes or recommendations or guides, we also happen to provide that.

Customer satisfaction is our only aim. Upon arrival, our experts would also be there to inspect the manufactured home thoroughly.

Manufactured Home Brands you can choose

There are various Brand options you can choose from for Manufactured Homes. Some of the most common and top brands which provide manufactured homes for sale include Clayton, Southern Energy, Cavco, Schult, Legacy, Cavalier, and Fleetwood.

How MHCC can help you in all these

Here at Manufactured Home Corpus Christi, we intend to provide the best service to our customers. Let it be buying a manufactured home or getting tips regarding installing manufactured homes; we are there for and with our customers until we get their satisfaction and gratitude.

Along with the services mentioned above, we also provide other services to our customers like:

If you want to know more about the products and services we offer, visit us at Manufactured Home Corpus Christi.