Do you wish to invest into a mobile home for renting out? While it might appear a great opportunity, there are some important things you need to consider to get started. As you rent out your mobile home, it becomes a steady and helpful source of income. Not only do mobile homes for rent require a minimal financial entry point, they also deliver rapid returns in comparison to other forms of investments.

Why Rent Out Mobile Homes?

Renting out mobile homes is like renting out other forms of residential properties. You can look forward to receiving a steady flow of income capable of offsetting the ownership expenses.

Mobile homeowners have to pay less in the form of taxes by leveraging the benefit of tax reduction strategies like reducing the deductions. Manufactured home rental has a higher return on investment in comparison to investing in other types of real estate. Renting out manufactured homes also helps in diversifying your entire rental portfolio.

Things to Consider While Renting Out Mobile Homes

The minimal financing entry point of mobile homes make it a viable option purchase in comparison to an expensive rental property like a single-family home or a condo. If you wish to leverage the benefits of renting out a mobile home, here are some points to consider:

Know About the Property Tax

Investing in a mobile home to rent out implies owning a property. When you own a property, you are bound to pay taxes. It could turn out to be a painful surprise if you are not expecting the same.

To ensure whether or not you have to pay taxes, it is recommended to conduct some research on the property taxes of your location. It could turn out to be a deal breaker if you are not prepared to handle the additional expense. If it turns out to be excessive, the rent expense might not cover the same. Therefore, it will be an endeavor not worth your time and money.

Location of the Rental Property

As far as the location of the mobile home for rent is concerned, here are some points to note down:

  • Firstly, the amount you will receive by renting out your mobile home will vary. It will ultimately depend on the area wherein you live. It is recommended to research the area to come across a reasonable rent by comparing standard housing situations in the area.
  • Understand the concept of the lot rent if your manufactured home is situated in a mobile home park. Unless the renter is willing to pay the lot rent, do not forget taking the lot rent into consideration as you analyze the overall expenses related to the mobile home.
  • While evaluating the location of your mobile home, you should also look into specific rules & regulations of the mobile home park. Ensure that you have checked whether or not you are allowed to rent your mobile home. While renting out, ensure that the renters will also follow the rules & regulations of the park.

Tenant Damage

You can easily come across disturbing stories of mobile homeowners finding that the tenants have completely damaged the entire property during their stay. There are several stories of tenants leaving the homeowner with a damaged or trashed house.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to vet prospective tenants while avoiding people who might damage your entire home without even giving it a thought. Otherwise, it could turn out to be a challenging experience for any landlord out there.

Calculate Return on Investment

The initial investment amount for buying a mobile home might be low. Therefore, you can expect a higher return on investment or ROI -especially if you are renting out the mobile home. The ROI will eventually increase as your investment grows.

Most real estate investments need a highly beneficial mortgage position or reputation. Moreover, they also feature an impressive appreciation rate to deliver access to a lucrative ROI. Mobile homes are capable of offering access to a higher ROI without any appreciation or leverage.

Consider Repo Mobile Homes or Clearance Model

When you make the final call to rent out your mobile home, here are some reasons to invest in a repo mobile home:

  • The repo homes are those who have been previously owned by someone else. Now, the authority of the home has been shifted to someone else.
  • When you invest in a repo home, you can look forward to earning a reduction of around 30-35 percent of the total price than a brand-new mobile home.
  • The value of the property will not depreciate over time. Therefore, it can be a wise move to invest in a well-conditioned repo mobile home while renting out the same for added profits.

There are several rules & regulations to follow when you have to rent out your mobile home. To be at a safe end, it is recommended to invest in a good quality of bank repo mobile homes or clearance model available at Mobile Homes Corpus Christi.

Compare Total Amount of Investment with Other Modes

Your mobile home investing strategy will ultimately depend on the real estate investment goals. Your leading options are renting, a wholesale deal, and flipping. As you look forward to investing in your mobile home, it is recommended to compare the investment amounts and profits earned out of each method. Then, you can choose the best one.


It is indeed a great choice to invest in a mobile home to live yourself with your family. However, if you think of renting out the property, then you need to think twice. It is important to go through all relevant factors that affect the overall profits of your renting venture. If you still wish to go ahead with the option of buying a mobile home for renting out, think of investing in a bank repo mobile home or a clearance model available at Mobile Homes Corpus Christi.