The construction of a new home is not a light-hearted affair. If you do not pay ample attention to details like how to order a mobile home, getting yourself a loan, transporting the mobile home, and installing it into the desired property, you will end up incurring major losses in the long run. It further gets compounded by the fact that a number of unreputable local mobile home dealers will not act in your best interest. Therefore, it is imperative for you to conduct in-depth research while ordering your dream home from a reputed and reliable local mobile home dealer in your area. You can consult a trustworthy member or group at Mobile Homes Corpus Christi to get relevant options.

As you search for your dream mobile home, you will have to face specific challenges. If you do not wish to be fooled by a potential seller, you are at the right place. Therefore, we aim at sharing tips on how to spot a mobile home dealer who might not be offering a fair price for your investment.

You can nail the investment opportunity by buying mobile homes in the most profitable way. Effectively, you can identify some common signs that depict that someone is trying to rip you off a fair price. Here are some signs to identify:

Undisclosed Home Repairs During Inspections

Some home defects might be obvious and can get disclosed early. While buying a mobile home, it is crucial to know the exact age of specific features -like the septic tank, the roof, and others. It is because these features will eventually require repair or replacement. In general cases, it is the duty of the home seller to disclose any major defects or repairs to the potential buyers.

Some of the common failures or defects that sellers might fail to disclose are:

  • Radon leaks
  • Huge cracks in the house foundation or driveways
  • Hidden water damage
  • Rusted pipes or bad sewage lines
  • Poor roofing
  • Outdated wiring
  • Heater or septic tank issues
  • Old or poor ventilation or windows
  • HVAC, plumbing, or electrical issues

The laws with respect to disclosure forms of mobile homes can vary from one state to another. Moreover, these laws keep changing as well. In most cases, laws related to state disclosures require mobile home sellers to disclose all material-specific defects or repairs in the existing property. This implies that they are expected to list out and explain all potential repairs to the potential buyers. If the sellers will refuse or forget the same, the sale will not be considered valid.

Surrounding Mobile Homes Offering a Lower Price

As you are searching out the nearby areas and mobile homes around, you might observe that the prices of other mobile homes of comparable amenities and comfort are available at a much lower price. If this is the case, you can be assured that the mobile home seller is not offering you the right bet.

It is high time that you handle the situation with proper confidence to obtain a lower price -similar to the surrounding mobile homes with the same set of features and qualities. If the seller does not agree to this, you can start searching for mobile homes somewhere else. Ultimately, it will be your call.

Mobile Home Re-listed Several Times

While investing in a mobile home, did you go through the realty history of the particular mobile home? Since its ownership by previous owners, does the mobile home have a history of being re-listed multiple times without achieving a successful sale? If this is the case, it is a major telltale sign that the seller of the mobile home is not offering you the right deal.

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Not Giving Price on Phone

In the mobile home industry, offering a price on a phone for a listed mobile home is quite general. It is possible for anyone to get the price of the listed home. However, if the mobile home dealer is not able to disclose the price on the mobile phone, then he or she might be hiding something.

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Hurrying in Final Closing

Is the seller pushing you to make the investment? Are you skeptical about your purchase? If there is any doubt and the seller only encourages you to make the final payment, there can be something fishy. Do not rush into a speedy final closing as it could have hidden meanings behind the sale. It is imperative for you to be careful enough while buying your dream home without rushing into the decision.


If you are doubtful about your mobile home investment, it is recommended to always purchase your home from a reputed home dealer like the Mobile Homes Corpus Christi. When you have access to the right knowledge about pricing and other aspects of a mobile home, you can take well-informed decisions effectively.

The purchase of your dream mobile home should not be filled with uncertainties. Take control of your decision as a potential homebuyer and perform all possible inspections. Learn from what others are doing in the mobile home industry and do your own research to come up with the best outcomes.