When you are searching for the best mobile home for your family, your research should commence with comparing the best mobile home manufacturers and brands out there. As a manufactured home is constructed start-to-finish inside the facility of the manufacturer, you should be assured that workmanship and quality will meet your expectations and living standards. While you can also think of coordinating your mobile home purchase with a reliable manufactured house consultant, your overall satisfaction with the experience and the new house design should be influenced by the mobile home manufacturer or brand you choose.

Mobile homes are quite interchangeably used with manufactured homes. These houses are built to the specific requirements of the federal HUD Code towards delivering affordable housing options. These homes can help in saving per-square-foot construction costs -almost half of the cost of a comparable conventional, on-site home. The overall investment on a mobile home will ultimately depend on the manufacturer or brand you will select, the options you include, and the floor plan selected.

Understanding the Best Mobile Homes for Your Comfortable Living

While choosing the best mobile homes for your family, you should know that single-section mobile homes (also known as single-wide mobile homes) feature a width of 18 feet or less. In total length, the dimensions are around 60 feet or more. These options are regarded as the most affordable mobile homes you can purchase. However, these have limited layout options.

On the other hand, multi-section mobile homes feature a width of more than 20 feet. In this case, the individual sections of the house are assembled on-site. Another common yet popular type of mobile home is the modular home. It is also factory-built while being finished on-site. Modular homes are expected to meet the local building code specifications.

Best Mobile Homes for a Lavish Living

Are you unsure of where to begin in your quest for the best mobile homes? Here are some of the best mobile home manufacturers you should look into:

Clayton Homes

While moving into a mobile home, is your objective to save more energy? If you are keen on ensuring energy efficiency, the modern range of Clayton Homes is your best bet. Shopping for a mobile home does not imply that you have do away with energy efficiency. Rather, you should seek a reliable manufactured home manufacturer like Clayton Homes that is committed to top-quality construction while keeping drafts to the minimum and contributing to a tight construction schedule and reduced energy costs.

Clayton Homes is a pioneering name in the domain of manufactured homes. The company has been successful in ensuring impressive strides with respect to top-notch energy efficiency in its contemporary designs for mobile homes. The commitment of the company to manufacture energy-efficient mobile homes aligns with the creation of sustainable homes. The company, therefore, emphasizes the importance of reusing recycled materials and even selecting the best-in-class energy efficiency solutions -right from window installation to the use of energy-efficient home appliances.

Some more features of the mobile homes manufactured by Clayton Homes are:

  • Coffered ceilings
  • Fireplace
  • Bench and built-in seating
  • Larger living rooms

Cavco Homes

Are you in search for an affordable mobile home offering ample luxury and comfort at the same time? Cavco Mobile Homes are your best bet when you wish to enjoy access to the wide range of state-of-the-art features and amenities offered by the interiors of the manufactured home. You can access some of the leading models of Cavco Homes -including The Phoenix and The Aviator.

With Cavco Homes, when you are particularly shopping for manufactured mobile homes, you get access to a wider range of expansive floor options. Based on your location, you will get access to both single-wide as well as double-wide mobile home floor layout plans. You can come across high-end features in Cavco Homes -including garage-ready homes, attractive primary bathrooms, and elevation on the porch for socializing.

Some additional features to look out for are:

  • Presence of textured walls throughout with attractive, rounded corners
  • Availability of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors across the property
  • Best mobile home in the kitchen category
  • Access to electrical, plumbing, and heating insulation

Fleetwood Homes

With Fleetwood Homes, you can come across abundant room to spread out in the best family-friendly floor plans of mobile homes. Fleetwood Homes are an integral part of the family of Cavco Homes. Therefore, you get an opportunity to access spacious manufactured homes for accommodating families. With these contemporary manufactured homes, you can go through the models of double-wide mobile homes featuring as many as 5 bedrooms with an overall space of more than 1800 square feet for the living space. Therefore, it is well-suited for accommodating families in the premises.

Based on your location, you can access some of the leading options for Fleetwood Homes -including Sandalwood XL, Westfield Classic, Canyon Lake, and others for your comfortable living with family members. In addition to delivering access to multiple bedrooms for your kids and other family members, the Fleetwood Homes floor plans include scope for ensuring impressive gatherings for your entire family.

Some additional features of Fleetwood Homes to look out for are:

  • Customized design
  • Interior lighting
  • Multiple carpet options to choose from
  • Extensive floor plans


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