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Top Signs – Mobile Home Dealer Not Offering Fair Price

2022-11-24T12:23:07+00:00Mobile Homes|

The construction of a new home is not a light-hearted affair. If you do not pay ample attention to details like how to order a mobile home, getting yourself a loan, transporting the mobile home, and installing it into the desired property, you will end up incurring major losses in the long run. It further [...]

Important Things to Consider If Buying Mobile Homes To Rent Out

2022-11-15T09:04:08+00:00Mobile Homes|

Do you wish to invest into a mobile home for renting out? While it might appear a great opportunity, there are some important things you need to consider to get started. As you rent out your mobile home, it becomes a steady and helpful source of income. Not only do mobile homes for rent require [...]

Mobile Home Living – Pros, Cons & Expectations

2022-09-29T12:16:46+00:00Mobile Homes|

Most aspiring homeowners understand that purchasing a site-built home can be expensive in the current real estate market. Therefore, it is no surprise that modern home buyers continue seeking affordable options -including RVs, smaller homes, and mobile homes. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that around 17 million people in the United States [...]

What is Site Built Home – Know Everything about Site Built Home

2022-09-20T14:11:56+00:00Mobile Homes|

For most individuals out there, buying a home is a major decision in life. However, selecting the right type of home is crucial than making your home ownership dream come true. It is because the type of home you choose to buy and live in will dictate a wide range of factors -including your financing [...]

Manufactured Homes Installation & Delivery – Everything You Need to Know

2022-09-27T08:45:16+00:00Mobile Homes|

So, are you planning to buy a manufactured home or mobile home? Want to know more about the installation and delivery of manufactured homes? As the need for excellent yet affordable housing grows all across America, we at Manufactured Homes Corpus Christi try to bring our customers the best and most affordable manufactured homes. So, [...]

Fleetwood Manufactured Homes – Everything you should know before buying Fleetwood Manufactured Homes

2022-06-16T14:18:17+00:00Mobile Homes|

Are you looking for good-quality Manufactured homes? Is finding manufactured homes causing a hassle in your life? If your answer to the questions above is "Yes," we've got the solution just for you. At Mobile Homes Corpus Christi we are partnered with one of the largest manufactured home brands Fleetwood Homes, to provide you with [...]

Repo Mobile Homes – A Complete Guide

2022-06-10T14:50:43+00:00Mobile Homes|

What is Repo Mobile Homes? Repo mobile homes are those homes whose tenure has been repaid to a bank or loan provider after the proprietor defaulted on mortgage loan payments. If a homeowner can’t pay the home loan, the home will be put back on the market by the bank at a very affordable price. [...]

Why Do Mobile Homes Depreciate in Value?

2023-08-11T13:19:00+00:00Mobile Homes|

If you know what mobile homes are, you might also have heard about the depreciation in the value of a mobile home. Well, it is not that it's a rumor but before jumping to any conclusion, let's get to the details regarding the What, How, and Why this happens. Before we begin, let's know what [...]

Benefits of Mobile Homes for seniors

2022-04-28T13:42:26+00:00Mobile Homes|

Mobile homes have been growing as a great deal of living in. Thanks to the community living trailer park homes, people of all age groups are leading an excellent lifestyle in the mobile home. Buying mobile homes in trailer parks allows for and supports healthy aging. In addition, they provide various benefits such as a [...]

Top Benefits of Improving Your Credit Score before Buying Mobile Home

2024-01-23T11:39:05+00:00Mobile Homes|

A good Credit Score helps people save thousands of dollars in their lifetime. In addition, a person who has a good credit score has a great chance of getting loans quickly and better rates on financing. But before we begin, let's get to know what credit score is. A credit score is a numerical expression [...]


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